How to Spruce Up Your Desk With Home Decor?

By The Pastel Soul
Picture Source: Pinterest

The new normal of WFH is making us fall in love with our homes all over again. Staying in is the new going out! While we miss those fun colleagues, office canteens & team meetings that convert into fun gossip sessions, working from home shouldn’t be a downer.

Here are few tips to make your work from home desk interesting.

Add a Plant Décor

Having plants around the workspace not only stabilizes mood, but also improves creativity, increases attention span and improves air quality. If you don’t want to add a full fledged plant which requires regular watering and maintenance you can add a tiny succulent or a bamboo plant.

Add photos 

Personalizing a space with photos is the best way to make yourself smile and it is an instant mood changer. It also keeps those happy memories alive.

Add White boards/pin up boards

These work accessories not only make the space look more professional but help you get more organised and focused. Pin up boards are the perfect to put up your to do list alongside some fun post its & tiny memoirs.

Table lamps/fairy lights? Nothing beats this decor

Add a little brightness to a dull working day. A string of cute fair lights going across the wall or a small table lamp wouold be perfect for those extra hours.

Wall decor/inspirational quotes

Adding postitive quotes is a self motivator like none other.Incase of a stressful job putting up some serene images that keep your mind calm would be a great idea. Add some book shelves with small memoirs or décor pieces.

You could also add some custom painted wall décor, coasters or table mats this will make your space come alive instantly and add warmth to the workspace.

We hope these ideas help you spruce up your place!

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