By Simran Ramsay
Image Credit: Pinterest

Barefoot, I walk the wet grass, 
The moist blades between my toes and as I traverse the earth below 
I feel this tickling urge to lie down and stare at the clouds that were flittering across the sky above me. 

I feel happy, the sky was bright,
the clouds allowed room for sunlight
and as the golden rays filter through
my heart sang a happy tune. 

I was so deep in thought I barely even noticed that the back of my shirt was completely drenched but it felt like an inconvenience too minor for me to tear myself away from the conflagration of a sunset in front of me. 

The clouds were lined with an orange glow and so I plugged my earphones in to enjoy the show nature was putting on for me and itself. 

If you look long enough, you’ll find what you feel
the shapes in front of me, reform according to me.  
On gloomy days the sky is grey.  
The clouds look like teardrops, withered and frail. 

I jumped awake, alarmed by the loud notification that interrupted the calm music that played.
“Come home, it’s late.”  
Today I truly understood what ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ means because it had been 3 hours and it felt like minutes.
The sun had set, it was dark but I wanted to stare at the silver clouds. 

Three songs in, I closed my eyes
and when I opened them; behold the sky.  
A bright crescent swimming in a vast dark blue. The clouds were moonlit, they had a glowing hue and I’m not exaggerating when I say it felt like they could put a spell on you. 

So inviting, so dreamy,  
So beautiful and calming 
I found myself drifting to sleep.

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