Clouded by You

By Aastha Katyal Pant
Picture Credits: Google Images

The piece below is a musing on the nature of a cloud, and its effect on a poet who persists.

Hello again, old enemy! 
I refuse to call you a friend;
Though you persistently stay by my side
Irrespective of the trend

Looming over my being 
You dilute my perception of me
You pop up when I least need you
Never letting me just be! 

You cloud my judgements
Hampering my lists
Yes, I still make those – consistently
Often, clenching my fists.

You come bearing gifts
Each time you visit,
I find some friends abandon me
In your presence so rigid!

I feel blue, I feel lost: on an
emotional roller coaster of sorts –
With you taking my hand
Your company comes at such costs.

I implore you, please leave
My self-help efforts, why must you spurn? 
I pray, this time, you don’t Penelopize
Anxiety, you mustn’t return! 

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