Hello and Goodbye

By Aastha Katyal Panth

Endings of stories and years bring with them a sense of closure. But when you’re the writer and the protagonist: do you get closure?

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The Dialogue

By Aastha K. Pant

A story set in the early days of Covid-19 in Mumbai between Nalini, an employer, and Laxmi, her housekeeper, which illustrates the different experiences and narratives of two women during a seemingly global event.

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Searching For a Stranger

By Vasundhara SinghImage source: Unsplash (portugueseactivity) Part I: The Painter Decadent skies overhead, an encompassing envelope, white fluff dancing about, the silent blue swaying towards an unknown shore. I spot a copy of Ariel by Sylvia Plath and a moment later, I am snatching away at the pages. I am not as reserved with it…

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Old Gods

“The old gods were asleep, but they are waking up now.” A short and thrilling story of the gods long gone, and forgotten, waking up to the anarchy of today.

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A Taste of Home

…I could sense the nostalgia she felt when she would talk about home, although I never quite realised the extent of it. She loved cooking, which was partly the reason why I used to visit their place so frequently.

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A Soldier’s Trauma

“All forty of you be alert. Maybe it is the last time I will be commanding you. You are required to guard the border…”

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