Old Gods

By: Esha Aphale (@eshalikestowrite)
Picture courtesy: Google Images

“The old gods were asleep, but they are waking up now.”

You’d never think that the resting and awakening would be in a dusty, dilapidated, and forgotten parking lot of a run-down mall. But they again, there are a lot of things you don’t know. You think this place is a safe haven for too young kids resorting to too-old habits because of neglect. But do you think why it’s always empty? Why, even though it’s a perfect place for seedy activities, it holds an air of regality and deja vu in it?

The old gods, the forgotten ones, the ones who crafted every curve and crevice of this universe with their own fingers rested there. Sleeping, resting, rejuvenating after channelling every bit of their energy into this world. 

Dust and metal seemed to collect in that parking lot, as though this was the world’s offering; the world’s way of showing gratitude. It’s similar to when a dog brings dead rats and places them by their owner’s feet, a mere thank you, hoping that their owner will understand their gratefulness.

The old gods were asleep because no one uttered their names. Not a single soul in the entire multiverse had even once whispered their names while mispronouncing a Latin verb. They conjured up demons and every other mythical creature possible, some even created a new one but not once did anyone utter their names. Till now, the olds gods were satisfied with being forgotten; at least they lived life peacefully unlike other gods who were constantly being summoned by one mortal or another for the measliest of things. At least by forgetting them, there weren’t any wars waged in their name; there weren’t any shrines being broken, blood being splattered, there wasn’t any misinterpretation of their propaganda by humans who did everything based on their greed and lust for power. 

But now the old gods were sick. Even in their hypersomnia and barely-there consciousness they were sick and tired of humanity and how they treated each other. So they decided to wake up from their slumber, stretch out their sore limbs, yawn a yawn that sent shudders down people’s back. As one of them, the one with hair that looked like copper and eyes that looked like molten gold, opened their eyes for the first time, taking in the parking lot which was once their shrine, a place where other gods came to worship them, they realized that it was time to revive this planet to the core. It was time to banish all the evil and restore all that was pure and clean. They realized, in horror and despair, that they’d been asleep for too long and they started waking the others as well.

When all the nine gods were awake, humanity as a whole started feeling a sense of unease. Chaos ensued just because they’d opened their eyes after aeons and one could just wonder what would happen once they started coming into power. No one knew what was happening, why it was happening and what would happen. No one knew because they had simply forgotten that gods this old existed.

You’d think that them being deities and finally waking up was a good thing. That gods were supposed to be all-forgiving and all-granting. But, you see, that’s where you’re wrong. These were old gods, and they were waking up now. These aren’t like the gods we know; if you think about it, they were anti-gods, or rather, like the demons, we knew about.

The old gods were awake, and all they wanted to quench their insatiable hunger, which was growing by the century, by tasting the blood of their creations. They wanted to revive themselves. 

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