The Tale of Thalis

By FoodHuntMumbai
Image: Shree Thaker Bhojanalay

Authenticity is when we pass on the essence of traditional recipes to preserve the culture, innovation is when we forgo the traditional approach to modernise a recipe and revival is bringing authenticity into the novel era. 

We have evolved into a globalised, close-knitted society where ‘westernisation’ impacts us heavily and with this, the typical Indian culture of THALI has transitioned into multiple facets to be reborn.

From being the staple of the ancient Kings and Queens to the current generation’s quirky thalis, it’s evolved and regained its spirit. 

What used to be a family dining experience with 7-8 different dishes along with sides and beverages in one thali, has now become a marketing strategy with a quintessential approach to gain traction. Restauranteurs are now moving away from classic Rajasthani and Gujrati Thalis to unconventional styles like a Christmas Thali, Valentine‚Äôs Day Thali, Burger Thali, Dara Singh Thali and so many more! 

At: Maharaja Bhog

Even though we’ve heard so much about these state of the art styles, we cannot let go of our love for the classic Indian thalis. The comfort, satisfaction and happiness we get from the thalis of Shree Thaker Bhojanalay and Maharaja Bhog, any other exquisite modernised version cannot surpass it! Now it’s your time to be the judge and tell us whether you’re the traditional lover of food or the contemporary version of it.  

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