Solace Of The Night

By Tia Gandhi
Instagram handles: abstractt_thoughts and tg2110

“As the sunlight disappears into the horizon, darkness emerges stealthily, creeping up into our souls, making every bone, every cell of our body flinch in its presence. This very darkness seems to suck the life out of everything, promising to be cold, sweeping terror into the very minds of people. It seems as though the only solace the unflinching night can afford to provide are the stars. The stars, twinkling alone in the darkness of the night, casting not only their light, but also beacons of hope– vowing to be more faithful and loyal than the sunlight that escapes at the very sight of the darkness leaving us all alone, stranded, to fend for ourselves.

The stars promise to overpower the darkness, and to envelop us into a world filled with light and joy.  Every time I shut my eyes, I get lost in the maze of stars that invade my mind, making me feel safe and warm. They protect me from all the nightmares that leave my throat dry from screaming and eyes red from sobbing. People often tell me that I get lost in my imagination, but I’d like to think that I get lost in a constellation.”

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