Never Give Up

By Saba Khanum
Picture source: Google Images

Picture source: Google Images
" The ability to adapt will alone help to strive till the end"
Time heals everything,
Time teaches every thing,
Time  makes you face the ugly truths,
Time makes you witness evil faces, masked.
Never step back to confront reality 
Because pain is just another  fuel;
Never consider it to be a suffering. 
Ever wondered the hidden beauty,
The cold winter nights hold?
They've got stars to shine & illuminate your soul.
A moon to smile back at you,
Only if you spare a moment to look at it.
Gather courage, 
Never complain, start comprehending.
Emphasize by putting yourself in another's shoes:
Change the angle of your kaleidoscope to positivity.
Whatever happens is for a reason, 
And what is yet to happen will be best and better. 
Entrust yourself to Almighty have faith in him, 
"He is the best planner, The one who maintains buoyancy despite all odds is the ultimate winner".
Patience will pave the way for endurance to counteract the stresses 
That life throws sporadically.

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