By Muskaan Parekh
Picture Credits: Pinterest

As I sit in thought, I cannot help but wonder, what is home to a hostel student?

Is it the place where they spend 10 out of the 12 months a year has, or the place where they were born and where family lives?

To a person staying in a hostel, some words have a completely changed meaning when they move away. So much so that friends become family, hard rotis and watery dal becomes ‘khana’ and that small little room, with 2 beds and 2 cupboards, becomes home.

Its funny, how wet our eyes are, when we enter our Hostels and then a few years later exit our home.

To us hostelites, who are so lost, so confused about where we belong, the meaning of home is so fluctuating, we forget where we belong, and over time, we just realise that home isnโ€™t just 4 walls of brick and cement and a roof over our head, it is so much more. To most, it could be a face and a heartbeat, 4 legs and a bark or even a scratch mark and a meow.

Itโ€™s funny how friends who we meet turn into family and how we find comfort in hard bed mattress. It’s how between all that chaos, to find where we belong, we find something that matters even more, we find home .

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