Food for a Monsoon Mood

By Taher Shehabi

The clouds are bursting and it’s time for you to get your monsoon food ready. The rainy season always brings in a mixture of emotions and situations for everyone and each has got a dish associated with it.

So here’s a list of those handpicked emotions that you experience and the yummy food dishes to enjoy them with. 

1. The one with the “sitting alone and staring out of the window”

  • Masala Chai 
  • Kanda Pakode
  • Aloo Bhujiya
  • Vada Pav with Laal Chutney

2. The one with the “curled up in the fluffy blanket and sitting at the corner of the bed”

  • Dark Hot Chocolate mug 
  • Maggi 
  • Crispy Spring Rolls 

3. The one where “you’re super hungry and stuck in the rain with your friends at college”

  • Box of dry fruits 
  • Cherries and Strawberries
  • Typical college canteen Chinese 

4. The one with “the movie marathons”

  • McDonald’s burgers 
  • Aloo Paratha 
  • Fried Kachoris

5. The one where “you’ve fought with bae”

Call him/her up and say you’re bringing them fries and ice cream. There’s no other way to get out of this. 

6. The one with the “travelling in the rain for a meeting at your buddy’s place for a group project”

  • Dominoes Pizza (Cheese Burst is a necessity)
  • Trash cold coffee (coz friends always mess it up)

7. The one after “shopping for hours in the rain”

  • Sev Puri and Pani Puri and Dahi Puri and all kinds of chaat
  • Pav Bhaji with extra butter 

8. The one where “you’re with family”

  • Whatever Nani cooked 
  • Whatever Dadi cooked 
  • Whatever Mom cooked 
  • Whatever Dad ordered 

Hope you encounter many more emotions and situations this rainy season! May the food be with you!

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