One For The Month of July

By: Taher Shehabi

Month number seven has arrived and it’s time to get to know your “food days of July” a little more. This month has dishes that will definitely be on your list so here’s a couple of suggestions where you can enjoy these meals. 

July 4th – National Caesar Salad Day
 It’s funny how the 4th of July is a “salad” day as well as Independence day for the United States, ironic as they’re the ones deep into the junk food problem. Jokes aside, a Caesar Salad is best enjoyed at The Bombay Salad Co. at Bandra. They have a beautiful menu of salads that I’m sure you’ve not come across before. 

July 6th – National Fried Chicken Day 
Amateurs will picture a KFC fried chicken bucket when the see these words but if you want a taste of really good friend chicken, do try this place called Genuine Broaster Chicken. Their chicken is ‘genuinely’ brilliant. It’s a sort of a sports bar and the best time to go there is when you’re with your friends and wanna stick to a place for a match. So plan the coming days and catch a world cup match there!

July 7th – World Chocolate Day
80% of the people reading this are chocolate lovers and each one of you, I’m sure has a favourite place for their chocolate dish. My favourite is the gooey chocolate cake at Goose and Gridion. What’s yours? Leave your answer in the comments. 

July 11th – National Mojito Day 
A mojito is a drink that can be made in numerous ways to suit your palette, but there’s one place where you will just love it. Try the Mint Mojito at Lord Of the Drinks. I know you’re gonna tell me, “Taher we go to such places to get sloshed, not to get a brain freeze.” Well all I’ve got to say is, ever jammed on the bar to Punjabi songs with a brain freeze, if not, go grab your Mint Mojito buddy, you’re missing out!

July 20th – National Fortune Cookie Day 
Okay I would never endorse fortune cookies but trust me, the last two times I’ve read my future in those tiny weird cookies, it’s turned out true, one being I’d get wet in the rain on my way home but like you get my point. So carefully choose your fortune cookies and you could find them at this place called All Stir Fry at Colaba. Beautiful Asian food and creepy but cool fortune cookies to end your meal. 

July 26th – National Cold Coffee Day
Starbucks. Don’t judge me already, hear me out! Now I know there’s inconstancy with each outlet so try this. Ask the person to get you a simple cold coffee (not the fancy ones), add two spoons of extra sugar and half the ice cubes, which will make your drink more milky. Try this at the Starbucks at Fort, Khar or the Airport. I’ve done the same thing at these three places and they’re on point. Trust me give it a shot. 

July 27th – National Creme Brulee Day
Before I tell you where to go, a polite advise, don’t eat this dish with your mum because when you get home all you’re gonna hear is, “that was simple caramel custard which is burnt from the top even I can make this.” So just save the trouble and go alone/with your mates to The Good Wife and try out the Salted Caramel Creme Brulee. It’s a very different taste from your regular creme bruleés so do give it a shot. 

July 30th – National Cheesecake Day 
Alright I’ve been super excited for this one. I live and breathe cheesecakes. So I’m going to give you two suggestions for this one. If you’re not in India, go and try the cheesecakes at The Cheesecake Factory. They, by far have the best cheesecakes you will ever eat. They have a range of over 30-40 cheesecakes and each being better than the previous one. So definitely try them out. If you’re in Mumbai, then go to Pizza Express. Their New York Cheesecake is brilliant. It’s the perfect mix of cream cheese and vanilla. Trust me on this one, McDonald’s has the tagline of finger licking good but they’ve clearly not been to Pizza Express. 

Hope you like my suggestions. If you would like me to cover something else or do particular reviews, then leave it in the comments below. Happy Monsoon!

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