The Heavens

By: Benjamin Jolly
Picture source: Pinterest

The poet’s note on his reverie about Heaven: 3rd December 2010. I was quite distracted during the Applied Mechanics lecture and I just sat at my desk gazing out of the window. After a while, I started penning down my thoughts and it resulted in the following poem;

One day at the window as I sat,

Looking around at this and that,

I looked up high, beyond the clouds

I paused & blinked, I thought out loud.

The heavens above, what it may be?

The thought itself just fascinates me,

Is it a myth or is it for true?

This heaven I say, can confuse you.

I think it’s an ocean, calm & blue,

Where waters are pure like morning dew,

Where snow white ships with sparkling sails,

On the gentle blue waves, sail away.

Or is it a forest, bright and green?

Where flora and fauna of all kinds are seen,

Where the lion and deer walk side by side,

It’s a place where fear can be cast aside.

It could be a valley with a gentle brook,

The waters so clear, deep down you can look,

It’s a place where the rainbow, meets the hills so old,

You can slide down on it, and fall in gold.

Or maybe it’s a nation, rich (not with money),

Like the land where flows, milk and honey,

Where religion is peace and the language is love,

And the Gods smile pleasingly from way up above.

As I was thinking, it suddenly struck me,

Why can’t this heaven, down below possible be?

There are oceans and forests and nations and all,

 A heaven on earth, to create for us all.

Let’s all make a home like the clouds up above,

Where religion is peace and the language is love.

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