Letter to: My Pre-Pandemic Self

By Neeti Adhia
Image source: Pinterest.com

Dear You,

Wow. What an impactful and life-changing time this has been. Honestly, I am still walking the same path. But you will not be able to believe what you are about to experience is something really wild. 

So, let’s talk- It is time to catch up.

Honestly, this year you will experience some ups, and a lot — I mean, a lot — of downs.

Wrestling through countless emotions and you will learn so much about yourself, mostly in the comfort of your own home and all the heartache and difficult lessons to come, 2020 will have its fair share of silver linings. It will be a year of self-discovery; you will start to truly love yourself.

It certainly will not be easy. You’ll figure out that you overthink a lot, and that you care too much about what others think of you. In isolation, you’ll become paranoid about people judging you. You’ll play scenarios in your head that your friends don’t like you or that acquaintances think you’re weird. Even as I write to you, right now, you’re still working on drowning out the self-doubt.  

It will be hard. You’ll cry when you’re feeling frustrated or anxious. It may feel like you are falling off the wagon or you could be in constant turmoil due to the difficulties coming your way, but I want you to know that there is light at the end of every tunnel. 

Never for once think about giving up. Try to recollect how far you’ve come despite all the tough times you have pushed on when you felt like you couldn’t. Think about the strength you have developed and learned.

No matter how dismal things may appear today, life will change from drab to shinning one day. Try your best and you will pull through. I promise. This letter is a hope.


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