The Show & The Goings-On

By Ekasmayi Naresh
Image source: Battle Tumblr

A long-held breath,
stilted silence in the midst
of billowing babel
seconds away from cloudburst,
Thunder, just out of earshot,
moments before a manicured peace of mind
would recoil and rebel.

The storm, in full frothing fervor,
a few good soldiers in sight
falling prey to determined indifference
more rise to fill their ranks in this fight.
Hard-won victories
rarer than the spurts of sunshine
in this unrelenting deluge,
watching from the sidelines
bolstering for battle
take notes only for the ink
to smear skin;
but to surrender now would be
self-defeat’s subterfuge.

The troupes carry on
manufacturing resilience
on an assembly line.
Enlisted to serve,
a pained populace
our prevailing preserve.
Standing in the anteroom of anticipation
choosing between hope
for a future unthinkably far
or the spiral of cynicism,
drowning deeper into this chaotic chasm;
to forge ahead, despite the dread
The only siren call by which to be led.

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