New Holiday Traditions You Can Start

By Krishna Advani
Picture source: Google Images

There’s a reason that December seems like the most wonderful time of the year: it’s because it’s only in December that we put away the hustle and rigamarole of our daily lives for long enough to actually appreciate the moments of the year that’s gone by. To spend enough time with our loved ones. And to gain confidence that we’re going into a new year with the familiarity of time-honored traditions. And all traditions start somewhere.

Each of us has a few things we do during our favorite holidays. And while some traditions often leave us wondering, “who thought of bending peppermint flavored candy into the shape of a cane?”, there are also numerous opportunities we get to be the makers of a new tradition. One that will carry on for years and give us the same warmth that old traditions did. 

In that spirit, we’ve curated a few ideas about fun new things you could make traditions, starting now.

Collect Memorable Ornaments

Maybe you know someone who really loves reindeer, and has spotted the perfectly cute ornament for them. Maybe your family photo frame from the third-grade crafts class is still intact and can be hung on the tree. The idea behind memorable ornaments is to make the tree the most personal version of a celebration. You can do this by collecting one special ornament each year — made by hand, or store-bought. If you like, you can even take it a step further and find a special ornament for one person in your friends or family (sort of a secret Santa but with ornaments instead of presents). That way, every year you have more memories to take out of storage and carefully hang up on your tree while you take a walk down Reminiscing Avenue.

Have a Story Night

Nothing sticks with us like a good story. So why not make a bartering tradition of it? Now, every holiday season, you can gather the ones you love and trade your favorite stories by the fairy light. (This could be from your life or from a fictional source, but it will be a fun tradition nonetheless).

Matching Stuff

Some families do love to go all-out for the holidays. And if you’re one such family, may we suggest: Matching Christmas Pajamas. The potential is endless! From fun photo shoots to all the generations from grandparents to grandkids in matching outfits. It really conveys the commitment to being in the jolly and festive spirit. 

A Celebratory Meal

We have Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners for the family— why not a committed occasion for our friends? With the recent trend of Friendsgiving, you can extend the cheer to Christmas season too. Start a tradition of having a special brunch or dinner to spend some time and enjoy each other’s company. After all, what’s better than a tradition that allows everyone to make time from busy schedules for laughter and food?

Write Letters to People

Or, more specifically, people who have had an impact on your year so far. Each year, there are a few people who alter our lives for the better. This new tradition allows us to dedicate a few moments of our lives to simply thank them for their effect on our lives. It could be the new friend you made in the economics class at school, or the colleague who covers for your shifts when you’re sick. Maybe it’s even your best friend, who was a listening ear. It doesn’t matter who or how many. All that matters is that you tell them, at that moment, that you’re grateful for them.

Tour the Light Displays

If you’re from a big city, chances are that there are many suburban pockets that are lit up like a tree (see what we did there?). And the best way to slip into the Christmas Spirit is to drive around these lanes with good company and your favorite music. To enjoy the power of being merry and bright. For those from Mumbai, a great place to start are the lanes of Bandra. Here, lanes are dressed to the nines each year with lights, ornaments, and often, carolers!

Do you have a favorite neighborhood to see lights in? Tell us which one, and we’ll share it.

A Christmas Movie Marathon

All you Hallmark Movie Lovers— this one’s for you! Sometimes there’s nothing as exciting as sitting in comfortable pj’s with hot chocolate and junk food to watch the same old movies you grew up on. It could be a serious classic like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ or a laughter riot, like ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Elf’. The point, most often, is that Christmas Movies tend to give us the confirmation we may be searching for on a subconscious level: that happy endings and miracles exist. Even when they take time. 

Save Space for Dessert

The end of the year means a ton of sweet treats in one form or the other. So if you enjoy baking, or if you have little kids in your life who are itching to participate in something festive, why not make a new tradition out of it? Dedicate an evening leading up to Christmas to baking some cookies. Or bring out the creative side in you by decorating cupcakes! If you’re a second or third generation sweet-tooth-possessor, you can even try a hand at your family’s recipe of a memorable baked goodie. Whichever you choose, a stress-busting evening is guaranteed. 

Have A Game Night

A far more relaxed version of the traditional get-together plans, a game night can be a new tradition for you and your friends/family. It focuses on more than just the holidays— it can be about simply enjoying each other’s company. And if you want to host a game night but don’t know how, check out our editors’ pick for fun suggestions that are sure to bring a lot of laughter and memories. 

Make Your Own Tree

Trees can be an immensely personal thing in your household, and they don’t have to be just about ornaments. In that spirit, you can begin a new tradition of having a tree made of anything but fir/leaves at all! With a lot of new ideas and themes popping up around the holiday season, many folks choose to make their own kind of tree. Some with pictures, the others with cards and memorabilia. This kind of variation works especially well for those who do not have enough space in their dorms, rooms, or offices to put up a fully decked and ornamented tree. So it allows one to experiment and personalize all in one go. It also makes for a fabulous personal twist to the usual tradition!

For book-lovers, there are aesthetic book-trees that can be made using the simplest of fairy lights and your favorite soft-bound or hard-bound classics. For the group photographer, you can make your very own polaroid tree! Watch how. 

Are you going to try any of these new traditions? Share the pictures with us to be featured on our Instagram!

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