Essentials For A Christmas Party

By Krishna Advani
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest India

If you’re anything like the holiday-loving world population, you cannot help but feel a thrum of excitement during this time of the year. And just like the festive season, festive gatherings are in the air! Whether you’re attending them as a guest or hosting them in your home, there are certain hacks and tips for the Christmas season that are absolutely essential to keep in mind. And as always, we’ve got your back! There’s no fun in hosting a holiday celebration if you’re going to be stressed and overwhelmed: two emotions that are incompatible with the cheer this time of the year brings along.

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So gear up with all your tinsel because these holiday party essentials will make you a host fluent in the comfortable, warm gatherings that make a heart sing.

Send your invites early

The holiday season is notorious for blocked calendars and packed plans. The easiest way to make your gathering come alive is to have all your favorite people there, and to have them in attendance by making sure you’ve given them adequate prior notice to save the date!
This could even be a small informal message followed up by a cute e-vite. Try making your own by using this template.

Set The Scene
Festive Christmas Party Decor: Berries and Lights with wreaths

Think of your Christmas party as a scene in a movie. What are the elements that make it feel magical? What makes it feel like a Pinterest Board? And once you’ve identified those elements, make sure to amplify them. A good tip for this is to keep an element for each of the senses. From scented candles and delicious-smelling food to the party decor that takes one’s breath away (more on this below). It’s also a good idea to save a few good holiday playlists that will keep the vibe up just enough to maintain cheer, but not loud enough to interrupt conversations (for this, it’s best to use a trusty Bluetooth speaker).

Finally, you can even set all your decor around a singular theme and stick to it. If ‘White Winter’ is your aesthetic, embrace it with white and metallic decor. But if you’re more inclined to love the bright and traditional holiday colors, you can play around with shades of red and green complemented by white throughout your house. But it’s best not to mix the two, or else it’ll look like a house Rudolph threw up all over.

The Party Spread
Essentials for a Christmas Party: Cheese and Charcuterie Board

When you come back from a party, you may forget about the people, you may forget certain conversations, and sometimes you may even forget about the way it looked. But the one thing that sticks is the food. There’s a reason food is so important— aside from putting everyone in a better mood, it can also bring people together in unexpected ways over their love for shared favorites. And no matter what type of party you host, the food should always be the tempting star. So if you choose a lunch or dinner spread, be sure to pace out the snacks before the meal— because that’s the part of the evening where everyone’s busy catching up and conversing. Nothing goes as well with mingling as a well-crafted set of appetizers. And if you’re not serving a meal at your Christmas Party, then the appetizers become all the more important. 

For an effortless but classy touch, you can go for a charcuterie board, for which all you’d have to gather are some good cheeses, crackers, cold meats, a choice of winter fruit, and arrange them well on a board of your choice! 

Holiday Decor
Essentials for a Christmas Party: Table and Party Decor

Planning a party can be so stressful. So if you prefer a decor set-up that is less complicated, you can always opt for the signature centerpieces, rows of fairy lights, some tinsel, and of course, the perfectly decorated Christmas tree. A holiday party is also defined by its coziness and ambiance, both of which can be created by the warm lighting that comes from candles. But how do we know where to place the candles and strings of lights? Easy. You can use these two sources of light to highlight specific areas of the house, such as the bar, the snacks area, or perhaps even the photo-op corner if you have one.

You can even extend your decor to the beautiful seasonal tableware, which is complemented by pretty glasses, table runners, and cute settings. For a fun table decor hack, you can use pine cones too, by scattering them strategically. 

Essentials For a Christmas Party: A neat and accessible bar

This is essential for any kind of party, but especially a holiday party. When all’s said and decorated, make sure that the important items for your guests’ use (such as napkins, cutlery, and such) are not too far out of reach. Or worse: they’re surrounded by the flames of candles or breakable decorations. For this, it’s best to dedicate some time before the party to set up an aesthetic but practical hosting space for everyone to feel relaxed in so that you enjoy the party just as much as they do. This brings us to…

A relaxed host!

The host sets the mood for the party. And if your host is in a state of constant panic or stress, it’s bound to be an uncomfortable evening for everyone involved. Instead, make the party a fun occasion to relax with your loved ones. After all, isn’t that what the holidays are about anyway? A sure shot way to ensure you’re having fun is making an effort to add elements that make you happy. It could be a childhood ornament or your favorite kind of wine. Above all— eliminate anything that makes you feel stressed out.

Hosting a Christmas Party (or any kind, really), can be a ton of fun if done right, and let’s not lose focus of its main objective: making pleasant memories with the ones we love. Not every party has to be extravagant. It just has to be yours. So whip out some fun pictures, objects that make you remember the good times, and watch as the year sails into the horizons while sharing warmth with the people you cherish! Happy Holiday Hosting!

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