creator, creation

By Vasundhara Singh
Featured Image source: Pinterest

Note: The following poem introduces the words for the season spring in various languages from around the world along with the poet’s interpretation of each, going to show us an underlying commonality in the season’s spirit, which is the sense of creation.

spring: the season of creation
Photographed by Vasundhara Singh

spring is for creation

french: le printemps — the murmur of crowded cafes— spring

italian: la primavera — a declaration of hope— spring 

kannada: vasanta— the quiet curve of wind— spring

swahili: chemchemi— sudden unbending happiness— spring 

german: frühling— a shy petal folding inward— spring

japanese: haru— an affirmation— spring 

hindi: vasant— the warmth of my mother— spring 

spring is for creation; spring is for the creator

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