Holiday Reading List 2020

By Krishna Advani
Picture source: Google Images

No festive season is complete without the picturesque moment of a book in your lap, a cosy blanket and flavours that taste like hugs in a cup.

While there are always going to be certain YA/Classic books that are evergreen all year round, there are a few that only seem more magical closer to the most wonderful time of the year.

So let’s go through the list of transportation devices that take you through the best of the festive spirits, through time, places, and of course, characters!

  1. Pride & Prejudice

Indulge in the eloquence, romance and repartee of the witty characters and scenic descriptions in this adorable romance by Jane Austen between the headstrong Elizabeth Bennet and proud William Darcy.

2. Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

Chock full of the gorgeous spots and vivid descriptions of New York at Christmastime, this book is sure to transport one right to the bright lights of Dyker Heights. The story follows Dash and Lily, each of whom comes upon a dare laid out by the other, sparking a whirlwind romance, adventure, and seeing the city through the other’s eyes. While Lily’s Christmas spirit is infectious and Dash’s disdain for it is palpable, the reader is swept into a crazy rush of relatives, stories and of course, traditions!

3. Almost Midnight

These two festive short stories tell the tales of different characters and their experience of ‘New Years Eve’. The first story traces years of the same old traditional NYE celebrations with the same group of friends, each year heightening chemistry in the slightest until it crescendos, while the second tells the story of strangers finding camaraderie and love in a movie line… over days.

4. Let it Snow

If the entire Young Adult genre had to be encapsulated into Winter Romance stories, this would be it. Dive in for some cringe-worthy moments, innocently adorable dialogue and the long lost naivety that comes with being a teen in love.

5. Harry Potter

What better way to celebrate the season of miracles than a series on magic? Follow Harry and his beloved group through Hogwarts and the classic win of good and dorky over evil and nose-less.

Bonus: Letters of Note
There is an unparalleled charm to reading letters by the famous and great from the years gone by. From ones of romance and love to those on politics and impending revolutions– it surely puts things into perspective.

With that, you’re all set to snuggle by the lights and lose yourself in a literary world.

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