A Very Netflix Christmas

By Harsheen Sethi

Christmas movies do their part in transmitting the Christmas spirit via screens and often become a huge part of the holiday season. From movies like the Elf and A Christmas Carol, we’ve received some gems that occupy a big space in our hearts. 

However, these old movies are not all that we have. Each Netflix releases its own modern Christmas tale to capture our hearts. While some don’t match the energy of the ones we may have grown up watching, there is a lot that deserves a shot at making our Christmas merry. 

To make this easier for you, we’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite Christmas Netflix Originals!

  1. A Christmas Prince.

Its many sequels are enough indication of how loved this movie is. If it weren’t for the fact that it says ‘Netflix Original’ on the poster, A Christmas Prince would easily pass off as a Hallmark holiday movie. A modern-day fairy tale featuring a handsome prince, an intelligent woman, acres of snow and a charmingly hilarious storyline- this movie has the perfect recipe for making a great Christmas watch.  

A Christmas Prince, Netflix

2. Holidate

A recent release, Holidate features Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey trying to navigate the ‘horror’ of being single during any holiday. In a classic tale of pretend love, their on-screen chemistry results in a series of events that leads to them making their way back to each other.   

Holidate, Netflix

3. Klaus

Created by the same person who gave us ‘Despicable Me’, Klaus gives us the insight into not what or how Santa does what he does, but why he does it. 

Klaus, Netflix

4. The Princess Switch

The classic ‘a princess and a pauper’ tale gets a Christmas makeover in the Netflix Original, The Princess Switch.  With a charming cast and an even charming character list, the movie makes for a delightful watch with your favourite Christmas goodies. 

The Princess Switch, Netflix

5. The Holiday Calendar

Nothing says Christmas Netflix Original like a cheesy storyline, unrealistic characters and an over-the-top plot. However, it also these things that make for a good Christmas watch after you’ve binged on a festive-themed dinner. The unique storyline of the protagonist discovering an advent calendar that seems to predict her future makes it a pleasant watch. 

The Holiday Calendar, Netflix

Let us know your take on these and other Christmas originals, brought to you by Netflix. Merry Christmas-ing.

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