Letter to: Wild & Tame

By Shivanshi Bhadouria
Picture Credits: Max pixel

Hey little one,

I am telling you all the things I should have told myself when I needed them so badly. But the universe was always unfair with time. It is too little when you need it the most; and too much when you just need it to stop.

So darling, as I write, I want you to read like you’ve never before. Hang on to every word because they may be exactly what you need. I only wish I had someone say the same to me back when I was standing in the same place.

I know you can’t hear above the noise inside your head. Believe me, I would know, I have written pages of poetry about that noise. I know all you want to do is shut your eyes and block it out. You want everything to stop. 

I am asking you to keep calm. 

That noise is a part of you, take it as your own. I know you want it to go, but don’t wish it away. Tame it. Wild as you are, you will be surprised by how well you understand each other.

The unhindered streams of thought that make you go crazy; darling, don’t pick at them and don’t kill them. Nurture them, instead. You have spent far too long telling yourself that the things you feel are wrong. Far too long blaming yourself for being human. It is alright to feel like you need to bring down buildings for the world to hear you. When you have painted your story all over the city but someone still asks you, what went wrong?

Darling, it’s okay to be rough. Your edges are uncut diamonds and when the light shines right, you’ll gleam with a beauty that will blind others. For now, breathe and get that storm under control. Do not let it die, it is the source of all the incredible power you hold. You are a tempest, do not let others convince you otherwise.

Those who hurt you, break you and make you feel worthless, then tell you that they care — do not hate them. Hate is an emotion, and yours are far too valuable to be wasted on it. But before those wonderful things that you have yet to do in life, first regulate that fervor. Bring peace to yourself. Hold your body like there is nothing as beautiful, as thoroughly tremendous and fascinating as it is. 

CALM DOWN INSIDE. And darling, don’t think of it as me telling you to stop the storms running through your veins. That is your freedom.

Just remember:

One, only a stable flame can start a fire,

Two, a flickering flame will die before the first spark.

Stay wild,

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