One for the Month of September, Healthy Edition

By: Taher Shehabi

Since the color of the month is Green, let’s go green! Healthy food isn’t down everyone’s alley but these restaurants turn regular dishes of celery and lettuce into delicious and tasty combinations. 

Here are a couple of recommendations:

1. Birdsong Cafe 
Try the Quinoa salad here, its a creamy concoction of cheese and mustard and a couple of mixed fresh greens. 

2. Pizza Express 
You’ve got to try the Watermelon and Feta Cheese salad. I know it might not be the first choice for many people but trust me and try it out, you won’t reget it. 

3. Smokehouse Deli
Go for the Apple Almond and Curly Kale salad, it’s a different concept and the taste is something you’d have definitely not tried before. And to top it up, its served with yogurt, and who doesn’t like yogurt?

4. All Elements 
Surprisingly out of all places (even the really fancy ones), only this one could get the Ceaser Salad right. The dressing is the integral part of this salad without which the entire thing tastes weird. All elements makes the perfect Ceaser Salad in my opinion. 

5. Candies
Well if you don’t trust the restaurant and wanna do it yourself, Candies is the best place to try out your salad making skills. There are about 25 ingredients that you can play around with and show your friends what an amazing chef you are (there’s no burning down of a kitchen involved in this so you’re safe).

6. The Salad Bar and Walnut Cafe 
This is a place solely for Salad lovers. They’ve got more than 40 varieties of salads and its quiet literally a salad’s paradise. I can give a lot of recommendations at this place but its preferable you ask your server. A safe vegetarian option would be the Farmer’s Bowl and for non vegetarians it would be the Power Booster Salad. 

Hope y’all get a little healthy this month! Happy Eating!

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