Live and Let Love

By Jasnoor Anand Picture Credit: Krishna Advani

We live in a world where loving someone of your choice is considered ‘unnatural’ or not adhering to the norm. It is something simply unacceptable by some and sometimes, punishable by death for those human enough to follow their heart. In this world of ours the LGBTQ community is judged for each breath they take, for every action they make, and forced to let everyone but them decide their fate and way of life. Here, love doesn’t matter, what the society says does. Other people’s perception of what love should be controls their mind, body and soul.

But as said- where there is darkness, light is just lingering in the corner waiting to be recognised. Where there is hatred, love finds a way to seep in. The quote ‘Love Is Love’ has recently started to get recognition for its true, deep and important message. More than anything it has become a political statement. It is crucial that we understand that loving someone of the opposite or the same gender or no gender hardly makes any difference and that both should be valued. It is important that we realise that homosexuality is not a phase but a reality.  Our prejudices have led us to believe that the LGBTQ are different and alien from us. They have had to face discrimination, violence, and judgement. They have been made afraid to simply be themselves. Each and every day for them has been a fight, a fight with themselves and the world. A fight that still exists and a fight that is still being fought.   

Though the fight has a long way to go, it is not to say that miles haven’t been covered. The Pride Month of June and Pride Parades are remarkable examples of acceptance and support. People engaging in such delicate movements have been key in not only changing old norms and laws in many places but also in encouraging the ones who recognise themselves as gay or transgender to be able to find pride in themselves and their love and be comfortable in their own skin. The Pride Marches have led to the evolution of the mindsets of the people who considered their love as nothing less than a crime. It unites the people as one and supports the belief that there is no difference in love, that there is nothing wrong in being who you are and loving who you want to. Being a part of the LGBT movement is in itself wonderful. All those years of debates and protests to let people just be people have led to effective measures being undertaken.                

          Netherlands in 2000 was the first country to legalise Gay marriage by saying it is a god given right. Belgium , Canada , Spain and now many other countries have followed suit, recognising that it doesn’t matter where the love is coming from and going to.  The places that have legalised gay marriage have allowed their citizens to live the life they are meant to live with all their rights are intact. Because it is as simple as that-allowing people to exercise their individual rights. 

So, why not turn the entire world into this ‘paradise’ (read: how the world is actually supposed to be)?  There are still many who do not understand this concept but they should understand that they are only as different as you think they are, it is not you but your mentality that has to evolve. 

Let us take the path of love and acceptability. Let the rainbow shine bright. Let love be. Let pride be.