Reminiscence of home

By Serena
Picture Credits: Google Images

Home-like undertones of forsaken lands,
Where life once thrived under cautious hands.
The world around seems to be a relentless climb,
A growing peak, but not ours to find.
Under roofs of yore, these walls grow old,
No dust or cold they haven’t seen before.
Faint echoes of footsteps still linger around
The clank of vessels and snoring sounds.
When humans gathered to laugh and pray
They came in herds through every stairway
Children dreamt of life on the greens
Beyond those windows deprived of screens
I come back sometimes to try and find
Old noises and smells that are dying inside
For,  no matter where I go I’ll always be drawn
To the place I knew,  where I once called  home.

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