By Vanshika Sharma
Picture Credits: Krishna Advani

Oh look!
He almost made it to the finish line.
She almost got the promotion.
They almost got together.

They often use this word as though it’s sad,
Something that is designed to make you feel bad.

But I’ve seen the happiest of times in these almosts!
The seconds before the finish line,
The lessons learnt in lost opportunites.
It’s as though these almosts have more to give, than to take. 

There is beauty in the undesired outcomes,
Even if they are realised in retrospect.
There is a victory in falling just short,
Even if in reconsideration. 

Because every lost battle,
Every broken heart,
Every failed venture,
Every fallen structure,
Has brought you to here today.

For today is almost perfect.
Because today you have added another road,
To tomorrow’s destination.
You’ve moved away from your ‘neves’,
You’ve committed to be better.

You’ll get there eventually,
Maybe not today. 
You’ll get there when its time,
On a road built from your ‘almosts’.

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