Enchanted escape

By: Ekasmayi Naresh
Image via Pinterest

Marooned in the miasma of malady was all the world around me, caught amidst chaotic currents of this feverish haze,
trapped lay the collective’s embolized energy, 
lost in the midst of a maddening maze.
But I woke up to a summer untouched by the wheezing weather’s wringing hold-
for my waking eyes had your words to behold.
No wonder then that my desolate days
seem so richly replete that my once wan face,
now dons a burst of blush, 
with which even cosmetic colours
could not compete.
Do I seem callous? Juvenile? 
In my egotistical stupor such was never the intent
of this lyrical landscape.
But when I imagine being engulfed in your embrace,
this outrageous oblivion becomes an enchanting escape.
Such is the power of passionate possession
that all the pallor around me is lifted,
as I see through my rose-tinted glasses;
elated I feel at every hour, 
relieved of every care but this singular consideration.
So bewitching is your brilliance that I awaken,
 giddy with joy that nothing can dismay,
and such is my state, even when roused in the wee hours of day;
for what awaits is enthralling –
Embroiled in captivating exchanges about the
 pettiest and the most profound,
listening to your melody and dancing to your tunes
in a warped world, where nothing but joy abounds.

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