Here & Now

By Haritha Sara Kuriakose
Picture Source: Google Images

In the here and now,
I am, 

An image in a colouring book. 
To be filled in, 
Coloured and brought to life,
With each stroke, second, 
Step by step. 
No rush. 

A process that never ends. 
To be enjoyed, 
Ever-changing and improving, 
With each day, month, 
Year by year.
No rush. 

A shapeless form untitled. 
To be moulded, 
Visualized and patiently created, 
With each push, pull, 
Stress by stress. 
No rush. 

A thought ahead of the times. 
To be realized, 
Detailed and carefully curated, 
With each memory, experience, 
Moment by moment. 
No rush. 

A dream in a dream. 
To be loved, 
Worshipped and chased after, 
With each blink, smile, 
Breath by breath. 
No rush. 

In the here and now, I am. 

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