The Journeys We Make

By Ekasmayi Naresh
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(The poem below is written by Ekasmayi about the journeys we undertake, in any way, shape, or form, and their impact on us).

Many a mile through roads less travelled
but often, through ones fond of ferocious footfall,
and scores more through everyday conversations
hugs exchanged and the occasional, hours-long phone call,
all in pursuit to get somewhere
to proclaim to the planet that you made it There!

Broadened boulevards of the mind
through reems written on paperbacks or the screen
lessons learned through the school years
or through relished heartbreak in those moments as a teen
all in pursuit of a vacuous victory
to bellow from rooftops, “not you, it’s Me!”

With changing cityscapes and geographies
and passports painted with variegated insignia,
or through stories trickled down genealogies,
bequeathed as verbose heirlooms or familial trivia,
all in pursuit of a homely refuge
to protect oneself from a lonesome lull,
in the embrace of this short lived subterfuge.

Undeniable is the pleasure
of the journeys that spurring speedometers measure
as is the worth that wisdom amounts
journeyed through books, teachings and calendar counts
lives lived and those impacted
like journeying anthologies have they acted.
Yet all in the hunt for a destination most dear
to meet one’s own reflection with a smile
and not a wayward frown or a sublime tear.

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