Greeting the Season: Winter To-Do List

By Ekasmayi Naresh
Picture source: Google Images

After a year of things spiralling out of control and of the ‘downs‘ outnumbering the ‘ups‘ by a landslide, we all deserve to take a step back from the madness that has been 2020. We ought to take a deep breath filled with the holiday fervour that fills the air at this time of the year.

It isn’t easy to disengage from reality and step into the season’s spirit of cheer. However, one owes it to oneself to try because nothing beats a bad year like the holiday high.

So, here is a list of the best things to do this festive season to make the last days of 2020 the best ones yet. 

1. Lights, lights and more lights!

Something to literally brighten up your day and dispel the gloomy doomy winter vibe is to deck the halls with a glow of all shapes and styles. Fairylights are an obvious favourite but don’t stop yourself from trying out different hues that could put a surprising spin on your otherwise common fixtures. The twinkling charm of lights strewn all over the house screams cheer and only gains from a generous sprinkling of tinsel, glitter or other decorative ornaments of your choice. 

Lights, christmas lights around a window pane and comfortable fairy light lit seating area with a cozy vibe

2. Bookworm Central 

Want to be transported out of the dreary dullness of the world while being cooped up at home? A book is your ticket to every otherworldly getaway you could imagine. Curl up with a fond classic or explore the papered terrains of a book you’ve always wanted to read but never got around to before. The imagined landscapes of these worlds are sure to offer you the much-needed escape from the everyday. If you’re lucky, they’ll also leave you weaving tales long after you are done reading.

Vintage first-edition books on an old bookshelf tumblr. Yellowed pages, old paper smell and classic stories.

3. Picture Book Prowls

The end of the year is when we look to the past to see how far we’ve come. And there is no better way of doing just that than by going through old albums! Filled with photographs with those who are the nearest and dearest to you, it is a joyous activity. Not only does it give you a walk down memory lane, but it also makes for a great day in the company of your closest friends and family. The thought of perusing through decades of old pictures, from drooling dawdling days to all your independent adventures. After all, isn’t that what winter holidays are all about?

minimalistic photo album with pictures and memories in black and white

4. Cookies and Cream 

Festive flavours are incomplete without your favourite food. The chill of winter goes well with anything that warms a hungry belly. But few things can compete with the delicious decadence of cookies. Spoil your tastebuds with scrumptious tastes of ginger and cinnamon! Craving a sweet treat? Take a deep dive into the sugary swirls of caramel and chocolate chips. Obviously, these cookies must be partnered with something equally delectable, like a serving of mocha or piping hot cups of hot chocolate. To fully immerse yourself in this gastronomical experience, try your hand at baking these sweet treats.

christmas cookies with icing decorated by candy to look like christmas lights for festive snacks

5. Movies to Make merry 

Streaming platforms brimming with festive films that warm even the coldest winter grumps, you are spoilt for choice. Movies set around Christmas or New Years have the joyous gaiety to put you in the best of spirits, right in time for this season. Fuelled by popcorn, give yourself to the willing suspension of disbelief filled with hope and possibilities. 


The end of the year brings forth ebbs of emotions of the times gone by and exhilaration for all that is to come. Make the most of this time of cheer and celebration because as the brand new Taylor Swift song poignantly puts it, “’tis the damn season!” 

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