By Harsheen Sethi

There is more to the meaning of a 'door' than just being a point of entry or exit. Take a look here for its redefinition beyond beginnings.

When you look up ‘doors’ on Google, about 36,10,00,000 results pop up describing it as some sort of entrance. In literal and metaphorical terms, a door is portrayed as an opening to the greener grass.

We are told that whatever lies on the other side, awaits us with greatness, in abundance. We are told to look for newer and different doors when familiar ones aren’t in sight. We have been ingrained to find doors in everything we do. We are led to believe that walking through a new door is what we need to feel better and happier.

However, what we often fail to acknowledge about doors is that while they act as an opening to newer beginnings, they can also be shut to create a better present. Sometimes shutting an old door is more helpful than trying to unlock a newer one. Sometimes closing that door is what is needed most for us to feel more fulfilled.

Sometimes, that is what leads to the sun shining brighter where you are and the grass to grow greener on your side itself, without new beginnings at all.

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