Moonlight. Not the moon. Not just yet. I walk on the street. There are buildings. And trees. I dread them in the night. I must’ve shuddered mentally.
And I keep walking. And it keeps getting brighter. “Oh God,” I sigh. I don’t know if I want to see it just yet. I like the moonlight. I like how it keeps getting brighter. It’s exceptionally bright tonight. It’s been so for the past week. But it’s the full moon today. Almost, atleast. 
I think I would gasp when I see it. Just slightly. 
And I see it. I see how round it is. Did you know that it looks inverted from the Southern Hemisphere? I wonder how it looks, inverted.
I focus back on the moon, from the void.
And I don’t remember if I gasp when I look at it. 
And I forget to look at the moonlight on my way back again.

And I forget I could see it through the window in my room.