Things that feel like home

By Yashika Doshi
Picture Credits: Google Images

  1. Staying out of Mumbai for a week, and then coming back to the Marines, with a piping hot cup of filter coffee to the 2am streets of the city, staring at the waves.
  2. A dog running around the road and I subconsciously end up holding your hand. You know I’m scared and you grip it tighter in return, making me feel safe.
  3. Sitting on my best friend’s bed, after a long day, just ranting about everything, good and bad.
  4. Teaching my Nani how to Skype and seeing her face glow when she uses it for the first time to call me.
  5. Being able to write something after a very long time. To feel that outburst from within in the form of words, black on white.
  6. Helping Dad when he wants to cook chole for mom on the day she’s not well.
  7. Lying face-down on my bed after a long and tiring week, just calming music and darkness.
  8. Walking through the aisles of a beautiful bookstore, smelling my favourites and reading random poems from them. 
  9. Being able to love.

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