A Warm Winter’s Day

By Aalia Jagwani

“The stillness in the room overwhelmed me even as I tried to soak it in. It was the same room I spent every day of my life in, but in that particular moment it felt like I was seeing it all for the first time.”

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Deconstructing Weegee: Capturing Urban Disorder in New York City

By Vasundhara Singh

Look at this famous photographer through Vasundhara Singh’s lens as he turned victims of crime scenes into art.

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Finding Homes Away From Home

By Geeta Lalvani

Live vicariously through adventures and photos of the journey undertaken to find Homes away from Home, in the city of New York.

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Everyday Disjuncture

A journal series of photos, capturing the day-to-day coping of an individual, and the process of coming to terms with the distress of quarantine, a pandemic, and closure/endings.

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Tigers are Rare

Another December, another tradition, another experience. But will it be different this time? A short photo-story about a tiger in a ghoonghat, and a must-read for our readers who like reading about love.

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An illusory irony

A sequence of seeming nothingnesses lasting seemingly short. An illusory irony: And I sit there, watching the sky invert colours from a clear, pastel blue to a splotchy pink, like it’s reversed itself—inside out. And I know what that sky looks like because whenever this happens, I look at it. And I look at it…

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More than being ethical, I’d like to think of honesty as a brilliant means of catharsis. To rid oneself of living with a lie single-handedly beats the guilt staring you in the face. I guarantee you that. I guarantee you the catharsis.

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