Kenya Through My Lens

Wildlife photography in Kenya, Africa.

By: Karan Menon

Kenya is perceived by many to be a barren land, almost like the Sahara. Contrary to this popular belief, when I reached Kenya, I saw that it’s a green paradise. The temperature in Kenya ranges between 12 – 25 degree Celsius. During the month of June the temperature is between 12 – 20 degrees Celsius, the perfect weather.

(Fun fact: no hotels or residential flats have ACs or fans.)

During the month of July, Kenya witnesses one of the most spectacular sights, ie. The mass migration of Wildebeests. Millions of these majestic creatures cross the river from the Tanzanian Serengeti to Kenya. Wildebeests due to lack of rain and grass in Tanzania come to Masai Mara, Kenya. This migration attracts many of the big cats. Masai Mara national Park stretches to about 1050 sq. Kms. In the month of July the park becomes crowded with people, making June the best time to visit.

The Lions are one of the most affectionate creatures I’ve ever seen. The sense of family that they have is something that is lost among us humans. Every time the sleep or wake up, they greet each other and it’s a spectacle to see them do it. 

The most famous lion in Masai Mara is named “Scarface”. Scarface is an old lion who was the king of the jungle at his prime. He is now injured and old, so his younger brother “Hunter” takes care of him and hunts for him. It’s just lovely to see the duo together. 

Masai Mara is famous for a group of cheetahs named the “coalition 5” . These 5 male cheetahs are bigger than the normal cheetahs and they hunt together. Trust me there nothing more beautiful than seeing these 5 in action. I was lucky enough to see these 5 hunt down a Wildebeest with moments. 

Picture Courtesy: Karan Menon

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