Maybe Now

By Aalia Jagwani

“Maybe Here and Now is everywhere and everything.”

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Time in a Pandemic: The Strange and Familiar

By Shivani Chunekar

“There is nothing more comforting than realizing, time and again, that we all ask the same questions.” Read about the familiarity of darkness and the habitual stillness of life in a pandemic.

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13 Must Watch Hindi OTT Series

By Rhea Sabherwal

Here’s a list of 13 Hindi OTT shows which have been labelled as ‘must watch’ after doing a survey on 100 people and come personal inclinations

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Recipe Time: Confit Beetroot Spread!

By Ladle and Love

This July Ladle and Love brings you the ultimate healthy recipe to go with your favorite bread selection: a delectable Beetroot Spread!

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The Young Are Dead

By Vasundhara Singh

A different take on growing up and saying goodbye to our younger days

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How Did America & Britain Become Allies within a Century?

By Rayomand Bhacka

An interesting chronology of the Anglo-American Alliance, which evolved from colonial rule to a welfare-based diplomatic tie.

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The Willow

By Preeti Kathuria

A poem about the still and mundane existence during quarantine, until it’s disrupted by the presence of a certain plant near the window.

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A Plea for the Present

By Ekasmayi Naresh

Despite being in the present, we often find ourselves opening doors to the past and future. Instead of trying to open them, we should appreciate today

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Here & Now

By Haritha Sara Kuriakose

Being in the present means being a work in progress. This poem describes the mindfulness of truly revelling in the here and now.

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You Choose

By Ramitha Ramesh

…Like Freud once said, “One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” …

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